FBC Youth Auction

Time: 6:00PM

From Student Ministries

Pastor Caleb says, "We desire for students to understand and be transformed by the message of the gospel: God has recaptured life for all of creation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The very purpose of life and this student ministry is to worship God and make disciples. A disciple is someone committed to being a “learner” of Jesus--actively applying His truth to every sphere of life.

All the money raised at the auction goes for to funding student's spiritual growth opportunities. This includes, camps, retreats, mission trips, outreach events, etc. Many teenagers and families would not be able to participate in these opportunities without the support of the rest of the church. What a beautiful picture of unity in the Body of Christ! Thanking you for coming and investing in building up the young Church!"

6:00: Check in to receive your bid number. Silent Auction begins. Visit tables full of auction items.

6:25: Welcome and announcements in the GYM. Please sit anywhere in the Gym.

6:30: Begin dismissing tables for dinner. Buffet style, with food located in the Café area. Meals will be served to those needing assistance.

7:15: Red section Silent Auction closes

7:30: Live Auction Begins

8:00: Blue section Silent Auction closes

9:30: Live Auction ends


Entrances: The main Check In entrance for this evenings auction. Is the north entrance door closest to the parking lot. Please see map for location. Our Check In location will be in the hallway outside the M.A.C.

Why Check in??: Checking in allows you to purchase a ticket for the evening and/or exchange your ticket for a bid number and name tag. Bid numbers are used for all Live Auction bidding as well as Silent Auction bid- ding. Checking in also helps us to keep accurate accounting in able to help in future auction.

SOMETHING NEW: This year guests will find their name tags already cre- ated with their bid number located on the back of their name tag. This is an easy way to check in as well as get to know others by name.


Tonight’s dinner will be determined soon. Water is provided at self serve stations and refilled throughout the evening by our youth. The buffet style food service is located down the west hallway outside of the MAC in the Skylight Café area.

Need Assistance?? There will be an attendant located outside to assist any one that needs special assistance into the building and Youth workers will facilitate their check in for them. Also, flags have been placed on each table for those needing assistance with meal service. Please wave it in the air when you are ready for meal service and one of our youth or volunteers will be happy to serve your meal to you or help you in any other way.


Silent: The Silent Auction items are all located in the M.A.C. and are divid- ed into 2 sections. Red section—tables have red table cloths and Blue sec- tion—tables have blue table cloths. The Silent Auction will be open for bidding beginning at 6:00 pm. You may use your name or bid number to bid. The Red section will close at 7:15. The Blue section will close at 8:00. As soon as the silent auctions have closed and have been cleared by the volunteers, you may take your winning bid sheet to the check out area, located inside the Quad, room 107, down the west hallway. You may also chose to wait until the end of the evening to check out with everything that you have purchased.

Live: Each table will have “Bid Paddles” and markers. When you choose your table, please take one of the paddles and write your bid number on it (you can find the number on the back of your name tag). The Live Auction portion of the evening will begin at 7:30. Please use your bid number when bidding. Once you have won a bid, please make sure that one of the volun- teers has your name and bid number in order to track the bidding and for checkout purposes.

Something Fun!!: During the evening we will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets. You may purchase these at the east end of the Gym. The winner of this raffle will take home 1/2 of the pot. The other half will go to Youth Ministries. We also will have several Dollar Round items. You may pre purchase tickets for these from a volunteer, or you may buy tickets from youth just prior to each item’s auction time.


When you are ready to leave, you may check out and pay for any items that you won in the auction. The checkout area is locat ed in the Quad, room 107, in the west hallway outside the M.A.C. You may pay-as-you-go with items or you may wait until the evening is over and make one single payment. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

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