Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

It's easy to get lost on Sunday morning, coming and going without ever getting an opportunity to connect, make new friends, and build strong relationships with people and with God. At First Baptist of Tempe, there are some wonderful Adult Bible classes which meet this need.

There are Adult Bible Class during every Worship Service hour on Sunday mornings which you can attend before or after the service you attend.
This is the place to:

  1. Learn and grow in God's Word at a deeper level
    • It does not matter if your knowledge of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is minimal
    • It does not matter if you are not a Bible scholar, not familiar with the Books of the Bible, nor how to read the Bible
    • It does not matter if you do not understand what sin is or have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior for the forgiveness of your sins.
  2. Class attendees are at all levels in their maturity and growth in their walk with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  3. Teachers lead by loving God and loving people no matter where they are in life.  They know and share the good news that Jesus died for all of us so our sins are forgiven and that we have eternal life by accepting Him as our Savior.  They live by faith through the Holy Spirit who speaks to our hearts and guides us through our lives.
  4. Classes are not judgmental or critical. In fact, just the opposite will happen as people welcome you with joy, respect and love.
  5. Fellowshipping with others will help develop friendships both inside and outside the church.
  6. You will be a part of a group of people who will be there to help in crisis situations.  During these times they will pray with you, affirm you, listen to you, share wisdom, rejoice with and love you.

Feel free to visit all the classes to find the right one for you.

If you have any questions regarding the Sunday Morning Adult Bible Classes, please contact Pastor Anthony Whitlatch at 480-839-0926 for assistance. Whether you are visiting First Baptist of Tempe for the first time or you have been attending on a regular basis, we are excited about helping you learn more about our Sunday Morning Adult Bible Classes.



Come to the Table

Time: 9:30AM-Room 118
Leader: Dianna Ball and Bertha Santiel

This women's class promotes fellowship among women who want to study the Bible and grow in Christ likeness together.


Time: 8:00AM-Room: 107-109
Leader: Pastor Terry Gott

Attended by couples and singles in their 50's - 70's

This class studies Books of the Bible verse by verse with time for questions and answers for Biblical life applications.

Friendship Class

Time: 9:30AM-Room: 106
Leader: Pastor Jeff Savage

Attended by couples and singles 19 and older.

If you are looking to make new friends and grow your sense of community, please join us! In this class dig into Scirpture togetherin an open interactive environment focusing on 6-8 week biblical studies.

Couples for Christ

Time: 9:30AM-Room: 107-109
Leader: Dale Marr

Attended by couples.

This class studies Books of the Bible and Topical subjects through lecture and interactive discussion for Biblical life applications.

People of the Word

Time: 11:00AM-Room 104
Leader: Larry and Lauri Wieland and Phil and Chris Hammond

This is a discussion based class focusing on gaining a deeper understanding of the Word of God.

Creation & Science

Time: 9:30AM-Room: 109
Leader: Jim Coleman & Robert Smith Jr.

Attended by couples and singles.

This class is academic structured for people who are interested in how faith and science intersect.


Time: 11:00AM-Room: 105
Leader: Wayne Shedenhelm

Attended by senior couples and singles in their late 60's and older.

This class studies the Books of the Bible in a lecture format with time for questions and answers to be more effective in ministering to others.

The Hood

Time: 11:00AM-Room: 106
Leader: Greg Jones

Open to everyone

"Being Light Where You Live"
Jesus has called us to be His witnesses IN the world so that others might become His followers. This class will provide mutual encouragement and instruction on how to get involved with the non-believers around us.


Time: 11:00AM-Room 107/108
Leader: Perry Hill

Attended by couples and singles of all ages.

This class is taught in a lecture format on Biblical principles and doctrines that encourage Godly living. It covers prophecy and Biblical exposition.

Young Families

Time: 11:00AM-Room 109
Leader: Pastor Anthony Whitlatch

Attended by young families, singles, married, and divorced. This class will study the Bible with the intention of teaching how to study and interpret the Bible on your own. We will learn and practice together.

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