Student Ministries

Student Ministries


JHM Summer Camp May 31st-June 4th

Prescott Pines

Camp is an incredible time to grow together as a group and in our faith. Camp is like a faith and community incubator. The more your child feels connected to their peers and leaders, the more they will be consistent at church, the more they will hear truth spoken in love.  


Check out this video I made of last year's camp -->  UCYC JHM Summer Camp 2016

The cost is approximately $280.

Register HERE to save your student's spot for this years camp! 


The sooner you register, the better I can plan wisely and save the church money while giving students the most opportunity. 


Thank you for your help! 

HSM Summer Camp July 10th-15th

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MOVE is a 5-day, high school only event, designed to amplify Christ's call on your life to become to partner with Him in his grand mission

MOVE is committed to helping students take their mountaintop experiences beyond the event by challenging them to become Kingdom workers. To encourage that commitment, each student has the opportunity to open a Kingdom worker card on the last day of MOVE. On that card is a challenge to complete something over the next year, no matter how difficult the task. Click here to learn more about Kingdom workers.

Cost is approximately $380. The sooner we have registration, the better the cost is for everyone. Don't delay.


If finances are the reason stopping you, please come talk to me! 

Disclaimer: We have limited spots. The first 14 students to register will get a spot assuming there is at least 4 of the opposite gender of your student in attendance. I want to do my best to make accomodations for all, but cannot promise everyone that signs up a spot. The sooner you sign up the better! 


Junior High Ministry

Time: 9:30AM-Room 207

Junior High Ministry

Sunday Mornings

We exist to Worship God and Make Disciples. Come learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Jeus offers us life to the fullest--the best life we can live is to follow Him. Join us!

For more information please contact Pastor Caleb Curtisi.

High School Ministry

Time: 11:00AM-Room 207

High School Ministry

Sunday Mornings

Two things last forever: The Word of God and the souls of humankind.

Join us Sunday morning and invest in these two things!

For more information, please contact Pastor Caleb Curtisi.


  To get this calendar on your phone follow this link: FBC Students Calendar


College and Careers

Time: 11:00AM-Room 217

Sunday Mornings

A class for 18-26 year olds who are looking for a place to connect, learn and discuss what the Bible says about us and life.

For more information, please contact Pastor Roger Ball.

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